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Nothing can match the totally exhilarating experience of flying in a helicopter. So sit back and enjoy the scenery with our helicopter flights. They are guaranteed to satisfy and excite! Do you dream of taking to the skies but want to try it in a unique way? There's nothing quite like the thrill of vertical flight. It is ideal for anyone looking for a truly unique experience, we offer a number of helicopter flights that are sure to put your head in the clouds.
Usually reserved for the rich and famous, you can become a high flyer for the day with a helicopter flight experience. Your heart will race as the blades begin to spin and you are lifted gracefully into the air before cutting through the clouds at close to 200kph. Whether you decide to hover over the magnificent countryside of Northern KZN or soar above the Drakensberg peaks, you will get the opportunity to view truly breathtaking sights from a unique perspective

We're not just a touring company

It doesn't take an adventurous spirit to enjoy a helicopter tour. If you've ever taken a charter flight you know that air travel is perfectly safe, but helicopters are more exciting, and far more than just mere transportation. Although, they do meet the demands of transportation services.
We are not just a tour and charter company, we offer a variety of services. Below are a few of the options on offer.