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Drakensberg Helicopter Fleet

Robinson R44 Helicopter

The Robinson R44 is a light, four-seat, single-engine helicopter which flies at higher altitudes and faster speeds than its predecessor. The R44 can seat up to three passengers and one pilot, featuring a range of up to 348 nm and a top speed of 149 mph.
The R44 is well suited for Instrument Flight Rules training, news coverage, charter flights and law enforcement.
Jet Type R44
Category Helicopter
Max Pax 3
Cruise Speed 134 mph
Range 400 miles
Min Runway 0 ft
Cabin Length 4.20 ft
Cabin Width 3.90 ft
Cabin Height 3.90 ft
Lavatory None
Bag Capacity 38 cubic ft

Bell Longranger Helicopter

A derivative of Bell's iconic JetRanger, the 206L LongRanger first flew in late 1974 and began production in 1975. Among other improvements over its predecessor, the LongRanger most notably featured a superior engine and a new transmission suspension system. These changes increased the speed and range of the aircraft, while also increasing the comfort of its passengers. External improvements over the JetRanger included a longer fuselage, which created more interior cabin space as well as room for additional windows. The LongRanger's single consolidated engine exhaust replaced the two exhaust design of its predecessor. Due to the definitive upgrades over the JetRanger and their similar capabilities, production for the older JetRanger ceased in 2010. The LongRanger is now Bell's most iconic helicopter and is the manufacturer's primary single-engine representative in the marketplace. Its main selling points are its reliable engine, comfortable club style face-to-face seating, and smooth, accommodating flight experience.
Performance Specification English Metric
IFR Range 357 nm 661 km
Cruise Speed 112 KTAS 207 km/h
Certified Ceiling 10,000 ft 3,048 m
Rate of Climb 1,350 ft/m 412 m/m
Takeoff Distance 0 ft 0 m
Landing Distance 0 ft 0 m
Max Takeoff Weight 4,450 lbs 2,018 kg
Max Landing Weight 4,450 lbs 2,012 kg
Useful Weight 2,141 lbs 971 kg
Payload with Full Fuel 1,388 lbs 629 kg